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womens eco wetsuit
The Sexy Shorty Wetsuit

Sexy Women’s Wetsuits… Finally

Swish Suits are designed specifically for a women’s body. They were created in order to make a women look and, more importantly, feel beautiful while they are in a place as magical as the water.

A Perfect Fit

Our bioprene stretches more than 500%, fitting like a second skin and getting out of your way to let you focus on your sport. Our seaming is strategically placed in order to compliment and shape any figure. I mean, have you seen the bum stitching?!

sexy women's wetsuit
Swish’s Legendary Bum Stitching

Sculpting Panels

We have spent countless hours in and out of the water product testing the “sculpting” capacity of our ladies’ wetsuits. Our designers have created panels which are specifically made to enhance women’s bodies. These panels will “whip” your body into the best shape of your life (or at least make you look like it… without the sweat!)

extra large women's wetsuit
One of many Swish Sculpting Panels

Ease of Entry

Kiss the tug of war with your old wetsuit goodbye! Swish Suits have easily accessible zippers, a tailored women’s shape, a design that pops on to your body, and is made from our revolutionary Bioprene which stretches up to 5X it’s normal size, making getting in and out of your suit supremely easy, sexy, and swishy.

stretchy womens wetsuit
Swish Suits are as easy to get in as to be in.
sexy wetsuits for women
Swish Team Girls loving life.

Women’s Empowerment

These suits are specifically created for women, by women in the aquatic sports industry. We’re instructors and enthusiasts and our friends are instructors and enthusiasts. We were tired of the dealing with wetsuits that were unflattering, ill fitting, and low performance. We know what it is like to have to deal with not feeling good in your wetsuit. So we designed these suits ourselves so women could feel as sexy and powerful as they really are while swishing about!

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